Installation of NetLD and Smart Bridge Application Installer on VMWare

Create a new Virtual Machine with VMWare Workstation Pro:

In the top left hand corner click on File > Open and select the core installer.

Now apply your Memory, CPU Cores and Storage to the virtual machine and click OK.

Power on your virtual machine.

Now that you have your virtual machine started. Press 3 and enable the SSH server.

Now install the bridge onto a separate virtual machine and power it on.

Now navigate to the IP address of your core server. In this example it is

Log into your NetLD host with admin/password.

Navigate up to Settings and click on Smart Bridges. Then click on the plus sign and name your bridge. In this example we will be using the bridge > server. 

Now click on the copy to clip board button to copy your token for the smart bridge.

Now on the bridge host Select option number 4 to set up your smart bridge connection.

In this example I have selected B, Bridge > Server. Then enter the IP address of your NetLD core server.

Enter the port you intend to use to tunnel to  your smart bridge. Otherwise press enter and use the token generated.

Now you have successfully installed the NetLD Core application as well as the bridge.