This documentation describes how to migrate SNMPs to ThirdEye. This SNMPc migration tool enables us to migrate Map information and part of event filter information to ThirdEye easily. 

Necessary points

 * Establish ThirdEye environment where it can be logged-in.

 * This tool migrates the information by using HTTPS communication, please allow HTTPS communication if there is a firewall between SNMPc and ThirdEye.

How to migrate SNMPc

 1. Save in the PC where SNMPc had installed.


 2. Right-click the and extract files. Ask to get latest tool.

 3. Copy all extracted files and paste them to the SNMPc where it has been installed directory. Default installed directory is C:\Program Files(x86)\SNMPc Network Manager. Below example uses D:\Program Files\SNMPc Network Manager.

 4. Execute command prompt as Administrator.

 5. Change directory to SNMPc installed.

 6. Run below command.


  3eye-snmpc-import-exe. <3eye-host> <3eye-user> <3eye-password>

    3eye-host : Enter ThirdEye host or ip address (i.e.

    3eye-user : Enter ThirdEye login user name (i.e. admin)

    3eye-password : Enter ThirdEye login password (i.e. password)

 * If you use --inventory-only option, you can migrate Map information only to ThirdEye.

7. After migration is completed. these information will be shown in ThirdEye immediately.